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Readings and Ramblings

This is Readings and Ramblings. It is readings because this is a site for blogging about books and I intend to do that. It is ramblings because I might want to write about something else now and then.

Swordships of Scorpio (The Saga of Prescot of Antares, 4) - Alan Burt Akers Why does this book remind me of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series? An Earthman somehow finds himself on an alien planet with many and varied intelligent species contending with one another, some humanoid and some not so humanoid, with the most advanced weaponry being the sword. The hero from Earth becomes romantically involved with an alien female who could be called a princess and he finds himself resisting the charms of many other alien temptressess. The writing style is very pulpish with the hero going from one adventure to another saving himself every time with his skilled swordplay. He finds himself aboard a pirate ship forming an alliance with a gorgeous female pirate and his time on that pirate ship reminds me of a Hollywood pirate movie from the 1950s. Hmm, maybe all this is why I am reminded of John Carter of Mars.