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Readings and Ramblings

This is Readings and Ramblings. It is readings because this is a site for blogging about books and I intend to do that. It is ramblings because I might want to write about something else now and then.

Red Lightning (Red Thunder, #2) - John Varley This actually seems to be two books in one. There is a lengthy description of the aftermath of a tsunami that hit the eastern seaboard of the United States and especially Florida. The devastation is tremendous and the story of one family that traveled through Florida is worth the reading of the book itself. The rest of the book concerns the effect of the tsunami and the fleeing of the character who was responsible for the technology that caused it on the colony on Mars. It seems that some really bad guys are in hot pursuit of the character and end up following him into the space north of the solar ecliptic. As nonviolent as he is he uses his genius to , well, "stop" the bad guys. I will let you read it to find out what "stopping" and the "stopper" are. All in all it was a very enjoyable read.