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Readings and Ramblings

This is Readings and Ramblings. It is readings because this is a site for blogging about books and I intend to do that. It is ramblings because I might want to write about something else now and then.

In War Times - Kathleen Ann Goonan This is a clever novel. For a good long time it reads like an historical novel set in World War II, but it seems to gradually morph into a novel of alternate time lines. Note that I said "seems to." After reading for some time one realizes that it has been a novel of alternate time lines all along and that is a point that makes it so clever. Even as an historical novel, though, it works quite well, at least until the time comes that one can no longer pretend that it is an historical novel. As clever as it might be, though, its culmination in the prevention of the John F. Kennedy assassination and what the author thinks would have subsequently happened is a bit trite. That historical event seems to be a focal point for writers of alternate history and alternate time line stories. I would have thought that as well as the rest of the book is written that the author could have come up with something more original to focus on for the climax. Nevertheless, the book as a whole is very enjoyable.