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Readings and Ramblings

This is Readings and Ramblings. It is readings because this is a site for blogging about books and I intend to do that. It is ramblings because I might want to write about something else now and then.

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies - Erin Dionne

I don't think this book was intended to be humorous, but I think it was anyway. The premise is that a thirteen-year-old-girl is very embarrassed by being overweight in the first place, but then her aunt enters her into a contest to be a plus size model. Her family is ecstatic that she is chosen and they are constantly gushing at her about how lucky she is and what an honor it is. They go on and on about what an opportunity it is. The whole time she is absolutely horrified at the prospect of parading her fat down the runway. It is the clash of assumptions inherent in those two attitudes that I found funny. Imagine being told that you are extremely lucky while you feel mortified.